The City of Geneva adopts a new ordinance on parking in the city center | WDHN

The City of Geneva should take steps to clear a site in the city center to accommodate charging stations for electric vehicles.

City officials believe the move will create more parking spaces for a city park, which is expected to be completed later next year.

In the near future, Geneva Police Chief Pepper Mock said vehicles parked downtown along South Commerce between the intersection of East Town Avenue and East Westville Avenue would not be permitted. to park “at night”.

This is the location of the future municipal park, and the city wants to “liberate” this space for
charging stations being installed.

Geneva Police Chief Pepper Mock said, “People with electric vehicles, although not very common here, but across the country they are. With much of the beach traffic passing through our area, they will be looking for places to charge their vehicles.

Mike Gurspan says “for a long time resident of Slocomb who says he does a lot of his business here in the city of Geneva. He thinks it’s a good idea to limit overnight parking in one area of ​​Geneva.

Some believe it is a safety issue as well as the removal of vehicles from this section of downtown at night. This could lead to reduced loitering by people late at night.

Ed Mitchell, a resident of Slocomb, says “find someone who will help them. In other words, don’t leave your vehicle here overnight. That’s right, I don’t think they should. I wouldn’t leave mine in a place where I didn’t know where I was.

The board is expected to approve the ordinance at its meeting next Monday evening. Chief Mock says there will be a “grace period” to let everyone know they will receive a citation if their vehicle is left in a designated area overnight.

The simulated head says “all long term and overnight use. This is how the ordinance reads any long term overnight parking so nothing becomes permanent. A citation is $50 plus court costs.

Reporting from Geneva, Mike Gurspan WDHN News for wiregrass.

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