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DEL NORTE – Del Norte City Council recently approved censorship of administrator Laura Anzalone for what has been described as professional misconduct. Anzalone denies doing anything that would justify the censorship, hired a lawyer and calls for the censorship to be removed.

A seven-page letter submitted to the city of Del Norte by attorney Luis A. Corchado, who represents Anzalone, states that the city violated the laws and procedures relating to open meetings when approving the censorship.

“Administrator Anzalone has asked me to contact you regarding the October 18, 2021 board censorship against administrator Laura Anzalone,” Corchado wrote in the letter. “As explained in more detail below, by enacting censorship, the Council has abused its discretion and overstepped its authority.”

Anzalone sat down with Del Norte’s prospector and spoke about what happened and why she is pushing back against censorship.

City staff said they were advised by the city’s lawyer not to comment on the case. Del Norte City Manager Bernadette Martinez said the city could not make a statement at this time by legal counsel and that Del Norte Mayor Chris Trujillo was unavailable for comment at the time of the publication.

During her three years as a trustee, Anzalone wondered how and why the city did things and said it had rubbed some city staff and other trustees the wrong way.

The examples given by Anzalone were that she had offered to look at the city’s hiring practices and ask how the city meets ordinances such as performance review requirements. She also asked why the public is not always allowed to speak at city council meetings when they are allowed on specific agenda items.

According to the letter, Anzalone was informed by the mayor of Del Norte, Chris Trujillo, that he “had the votes to remove her” on October 5, which was the first time Anzalone had heard of his intention to do so. revoke.

The letter further states that Trujillo gave no reason or justification for his statement or attempt to have Anzalone removed from his elected position on the board. In subsequent meetings that followed throughout October, no specific explanation was ever given to Anzalone, no matter how many times she asked for it.

“On October 13, 2021, at a regular board meeting, the board scheduled a public hearing on the revocation issue for November 2, 2021. The board did not discuss the reasons for the revocation hearing and did not discuss the reasons for the revocation hearing. still has not provided accusations to the trustee. Anzalone, ”the letter reads.

Another special meeting was scheduled for October 18. The agenda shows only two items, an executive session under revised Colorado Law 24-6-402 (4) (b) to receive legal advice related to the removal of the trustee and the decision of the board to ‘administration. after the executive session. It was during the October 18 meeting that it was first proposed to censor administrator Anzalone by a recommendation made by the board of directors which was unanimously approved.

The following three reasons for the censorship were finally read after the executive session ended on October 18: “The board of directors of the town of Del Norte received credible information from town staff that administrator Laura Anzalone committed the following acts:

  • Administrator Anzalone took it upon herself to assume the duties of the Code Enforcement Officer by encouraging citizens to file complaints about the Del Norte Lighting Ordinance and hampered the procedure and protocol of the city code enforcement officer, which made it difficult for him to perform his essential functions. which confuses the public as to who has the power to enforce the city code. In doing so, it engaged the responsibility of the City for having acted outside its authority.
  • Administrator Anzalone attempted to call a special board meeting by contacting the city clerk and using the following language: “We as trustees … are asking for a special meeting in the purpose of discussing the procedure of the city and the appointed administrators. … “This correspondence did not have the consent of the other directors of the board, was misleading, and such a meeting would normally be a working meeting of the board, which, when it attempted to be called between regular meetings, could only be summoned by the mayor.
  • Trustee Anzalone told city clerk / administrator that there should be a replacement of city staff every few years, which would make their job performance more difficult, their tenure uncertain, placing unnecessary stress on their personal lives and creating unnecessary tensions in the working environment. .

Anzalone’s lawyer stressed in the letter that these were matters for a trustee.

Administrator Anzalone calls for the repeal of censorship through his legal advisor. According to the letter submitted by the attorney, the board has until Nov. 10 to respond and can do so through the regular meeting platform or by calling a special hearing to consider the attorney’s proposal.

“I’m angry and yet all I want is our moral compass to be aligned,” Anzalone told the prospector. “I want us to be fair and I want us to be fair. I want us to serve the community without personal assault or biased information. We must obey the law and we must be able to ask questions and see our future without repercussions. “

The next regular meeting of Del Norte City Council is scheduled for November 10 at 6 p.m. Agendas are posted at Town Hall and online at

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