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TTom Hand, Louis Imbroto and Michele Johnson are slated for re-election to Oyster Bay City Council for their continued efforts to help residents and businesses.

The Democratic challengers are very passionate about their desire to serve and have been able to make it clear what is wrong with city government, but unable to offer many suggestions on how to do it right.

Hand, who was elected in 2017, was the chairman of the Massapequa Water District Council of Water Commissioners and the Executive Council of the Nassau Suffolk Association of Water Commissioners. We need his expertise to protect the waterways.

He would like to see the addition of exercise equipment at Center Island Beach and the expansion of food operations at Theodore Roosevelt Park. And Hand wants to improve transparency by announcing projects before they start. The lack of transparency is something residents have complained about for years.

Johnson grew up in the city and now lives in Locust Valley. She got involved in government to give back, she said, and can often be found at events across the region. But she’s not here to speak as a city councilor. She wants to enjoy what’s going on, never forgetting that the hamlet is her hometown.

Quality of life is important to her. She wants to target funds to resurface Fireman’s Field, which residents have complained about for many years.

She would also like to use The Farm, the 26-acre Littauer estate in Oyster Bay Cove that the town bought over a decade ago. Johnson would love to see walking tours there so people can enjoy the ponds, pastures and gardens.

Louis Imbroto chairs the Quality of Life working group. Two dozen zombie houses were cleared under his watch, and he created a zombie house registry. Plywood was used to cover abandoned houses, but under Imbroto polycarbonate, which looks like plexiglass, must be used instead.

He would like to see an administrative tribunal established at the town hall to manage the application of the code. Keeping it in-house would be more efficient and not depend on “the whims of the court,” he said.

We believe all three Republican incumbents have some solid ideas that would benefit the City of Oyster Bay for years to come. Vote for them on November 2.

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