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SUSANNAH CARNEY Special at Daily Sun

100 years ago

1922: With the eyes of thousands of potatoes fixed on her, Miss Lillian Dashen became Elmer Pace’s wife in Phoenix last Thursday. Both are well known young men of Flagstaff, the bride the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Dodgen and the groom the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Jace. As Mr Dodgen expressed on Monday, he had been in Phoenix for some time in the east Adams Street co-op store to boost Coconino County produce, aided by large potato stalls, wheat, oats, chickens and peanuts – which he had raised on his ranches. The bride wanted the wedding to be celebrated behind the floor-to-ceiling windows and right next to a pile of Coconino potatoes. Dad was ready. The couple live at Pace Ranch, just east of Flagstaff.

Coconino County filed a friendly action in Supreme Court against Navajo County on Saturday in an attempt to determine the line between the two counties. Due to the uncertainty of the common demarcation line, the two counties suffered as issues regarding property rights, the legality of elections and the right to tax between counties were never satisfactorily resolved. . In the filed lawsuit, the court was asked to appoint an assistant county engineer to survey the line.

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75 years ago

1947: Those interested were reminded today by Mayor Harold S. Sykes that Flagstaff City Council is receiving offers for farmland at Koch Field, the airport owned by the City of Flagstaff to the east of the city and that the auction will end at 5 p.m. on Monday. The council will review the offers at its regular monthly meeting that evening, according to the details of the mayor’s offers and rental forms can be obtained from CT Pulliam, the city clerk.

Scene at Chapman’s Grocery in Flagstaff

One pound bag of coffee 39 ¢

12 oz. Bottle of Kern’s 18 ¢ Chili Sauce

Stokely’s Best Grapefruit Juice 25 ¢ 46 oz. can

Sunshine Crispy Crackers 19 ¢ 1 lb. box

Fresh apples 1 lb bag 13 ¢

The law governing free cars for amputees is virtually unenforceable, indicted disabled American veterans here in Flagstaff today. The difficulty is not the lack of available care, but the fact that the cost ceiling of $ 1,600 will not cover the only hydromatically driven automobile, which is ideal for amputees. A stripped-down version of this car, without the radio, heater, or other accessories, but fitted with the necessary controls increases the cost above the cap by $ 1,600 in many states – which are not adjacent to or within a reasonable distance of the city. factory.

50 years ago

1972: Flagstaff City Police are holding two federal fugitives, one of them wanted for a bank robbery in Pennsylvania, who were captured following an attempted theft of a 19-cent notebook from a supermarket. The couple were captured by patroller Allen Latham on Friday, who said one of the suspects attempted to steal a small notebook from a supermarket and then threatened the manager with a knife. The two men were arrested a few minutes later in the Cedar apartments. One of the fugitives has arrest warrants for a bank robbery in Pennsylvania and is an escapee from a Maryland state prison. The other fugitive is a parolee from Washington DC and was convicted of assaulting a police officer. He is also considered a suspect in the Pennsylvania robbery. The two men were questioned in Flagstaff late Friday afternoon, as central fugitives, by agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

No more water problems. A group of residents of Timberline Estates, who claimed to have been without water service for nearly three weeks, have filed complaints with the Arizona Corporation Commission and the state Department of Health. The Black Bill Doney Park Water Users Association said today an effort is being made to reduce pressure on the system so that at least some homes in the Timberline Estates area are served. The cold weather apparently reduced water flow to the Schultz Pass area.

25 years ago

1997 : The worst thing about rising gasoline prices is that you can’t avoid them. “I guess I would walk if they went up to about $ 3 a gallon,” said a young woman from Flagstaff, looking at the prices. Around the same time last year, for example, gasoline cost around $ 1.05. And now it’s $ 1.16 a gallon. Drivers in Arizona and the Coconino County area have wondered why gasoline prices have soared to $ 0.07 in some places in the past few days. Officials of oil companies at gas stations have come up with various theories as to the cause of the rise, but also said that there does not appear to be an oil shortage.

A 21 month old girl was kidnapped from a home in the 3000 block of Jamison Blvd. in east Flagstaff around 10 a.m. today. Flagstaff Police were looking for a teal-colored van that had an advertisement for telephone service on the side, possibly Cell 1. Police said the signs may be magnetized letters that are removable.

All the events were taken from the numbers of the Arizona Daily Sun and its predecessors, the Coconino Weekly Sun and the Coconino Sun.

Bruce Carl Ertmann helped compile the events.

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