County Judge Orders Vos To Produce Election Investigation Records | Local government



A Dane County circuit judge on Friday ordered Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to provide documents relating to the ongoing inquiry into the 2020 Wisconsin election led by the former Supreme Court justice of the ‘State, Michael Gableman.

Justice Valerie Bailey-Rihn ruled that Vos, R-Rochester and Chief Clerk of the Assembly Ted Blazel must provide documents relating to the inquiry from the time Gableman was hired in May until August 27, when Vos’s lawyers said Gableman has officially become an authority on these cases.

“These have to be produced unless there is one hell of a good reason and I don’t see any at the moment,” Bailey-Rihn said during a Friday hearing.

Lawmakers are working to draw political maps for the next decade.

Bailey-Rihn said those records must be produced within 10 days of his decision on Friday.

Vos’s attorney, Ronald Stadler, said the registration applications, which were filed this summer by liberal watchdog group American Oversight, must be filed with Gableman.

“It’s not that we’re trying not to produce, it’s that we don’t have them,” Stadler said of the records.

Vos alleged that Gableman was the sole authority on these matters. Gableman was retained by Vos as an entrepreneur on June 26, a month after Vos announced the investigation. The special council office was established on August 27.


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