City Council Approves Dynamic New Plan for South Side | Local government

He recommended a transition to a full-time board, reducing the size of the board from 20 to 10 members, increasing board member salaries to 80% of the region’s median income for a lone parent with two children, around 67,000 $, increasing terms to four years, and imposing term limits of 12 consecutive years.

But in April 2021, voters rejected consultative referendums for a full-time, better-paid board with members serving longer terms and overwhelmingly supported keeping the board the same size and imposing term limits for the board. the members.

On Tuesday, council chairman Syed Abbas expressed concerns over the establishment of a binding referendum on the ballot that would contravene the results of the consultative questions. “It looks like we are not listening to our constituents and their voices,” he said.

Abbas and others said any binding referendum would be better in April 2023 because there would be more time to refine the proposals and raise awareness, and because the mayor and all council seats would be on the ballot. This spring, no municipal government race is on the ballot.

It is important, however, that the board continue to explore the recommendations of the task force report and perhaps be more focused with the changes, many members said.

“It cannot be the last discussion on these issues,” said Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway.

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